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Water & Wastewater Treatment Chemicals
The Brite-Tech Group, via Brite-Tech Corporation Sdn Bhd, offers a complete range of formulated chemical products and services for boiler water treatment, cooling water treatment, as well as water and wastewater treatment. Cybond Chemical Sdn Bhd, being 100% wholly owned by Brite-Tech Corporation Sdn Bhd, is principally involved in manufacturing of water treatment chemicals and providing others related services.

Water and wastewater treatment chemicals are essential in the successful operation of the respective systems. Brite-Tech Corporation Sdn Bhd supplies these chemical products to treatment systems built by both the Group and others.

With the motto "Make Water Treatment Part of Productivity"., its aim is to assist industries in maintaining and upkeeping expensive equipment from water-related problems. The following sets out in detail the principal programmes offered by Brite-Tech Corporation Sdn Bhd to customers :

Boiler Water
These treatment programmes prevent corrosion inside boilers, reduce scaling and deposition, eliminate oxygen and acid attacks, halt dangerous metal embrittlement, increase system reliability and maximize energy output of boilers.
Cooling Water
These cost-efficient programmes are designed to reduce unscheduled shutdowns, conserve energy, save manpower costs and reduce operational cost.
Water & Wastewater
Through innovative formulated chemical products, these programmes (comprising 3 steps: primary clarification, secondary clarification, dewatering and sludge handling) ensure environmental regulatory compliance of difficult parameters such as oil & grease, Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) & Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD), Suspended Solids, heavy metals and colours. In the process, sludge generation is also reduced, resulting in cost reductions in disposal and hence, eventual overall cost savings.
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