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 System Equipment & Ancillary Products
 System Equipment
The Group through its subsidiary, Hooker Chemical Sdn Bhd provides consultations, engineering design, construction and installation, and commissioning of industrial wastewater treatment, water purification system and wastewater recycling especially for the dicing saw, back grinding and lead frame plating rinse waste. The wastewater and water treatment system are generally constructed in modular skid for easy installation, mobilization and demobilization. In addition, Hooker Chemical Sdn Bhd provides water treatment chemical, equipment spare parts and after sales services.
AKVA-TEK 20ppm BOD treatment using Ozone + Fixed film Bioreactor.pdf

System :



  • Industrial wastewater treatment
  • Water purification
  • Wastewater recycling and minimization
  • Wastewater treatment plant maintenance
  • Contract operation & maintenance for treatment plant
  • Treatment chemical & equipment
In order to keep abreast with new technologies in advanced countries, Hooker Chemical Sdn Bhd constantly sends its management team overseas to attend trade fairs and meetings with leading water management companies.
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